V Dot

Sustainability. Harmony. Balance. Beauty.

V is for Vegan.

Wear this iconic ring and connect with people around you. Inspire others to become vegan, and make a true impact .

Each ring is personally hand-made by our designer.
We donate 10% to vegan nonprofits ๐Ÿ™‚

"V Dot" Collection

Notice other vegans around you.
Feel the power of a strong community.
Make a positive social impact.โ€‹
You are not alone.

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2 years warranty

Top quality guaranteed

Each ring is personally hand-made by our designer & founder, at her Tel-Aviv studio.

Be a conversation starter

The V. design is clean, elegant and subtle, yet at the same time it can be seen from a distance which tends to attract attention. Itโ€™s a great conversation starter regarding veganism, by naturally evoking curiosity of non-vegans.

The Design

Each ring is hand-made, crafted with absolute care and attention. First carved in wax, they are then cast into silver or gold making each ring unique to the wearer.

Inspired by nature and its forms, the symbol is asymmetrical and organic, like a bird flying towards the horizon.

At the same time it recalls a superhero symbol; those who choose a planet-based, non harming lifestyle, are certainly heroes.

The dot represents a decisive approach to veganism, like a period at the end of a sentence. An expression of being whole and complete. Serenity.

"Love All Beings" engraved inside

We Donate

We’re giving back 10% of the profits to vegan organisations.

That means that if you buy one of our rings, you are actively donating to making the world better.

At the moment we are donating to “Vegan Friendly”.
Are you a vegan organisation? Contact us to check your compatibility, and partner with us too.ย 



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