V Dot

V Dot Ring- Gold plated


“Love All Beings” engraved inside. Sizes: 10-17, please mention your size when you order. The ring is 925 Sterling Silver, plated gold. Box made of 90% recycled cardboard. Reuse the flying ring box, or send it back to us, we will recycle it for you.

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Ring size

– If you do not know your ring size you can check it at findmyringsize.com
– We recommend going physically to any jewellery shop in your area to measure your size.
– We use the American measurement scale of 10-17 for woman, and 18-25 for man.
– Average sizes: woman- 14, man-21.
– If you order a ring and it’s too big or too small, send it back to us and we will adjust it for you with no extra charge.


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